Digital marketing is one of the most important factors that can help to ensure the success and longevity of small businesses, independent owners, and new start-up business ventures. Just like commerce has evolved from physical brick-and-mortar locations to online e-commerce platforms, marketing has changed in the same way and gone digital.

Here are a few reasons why small businesses and independent owners should be thinking digital marketing before all else.

Paper Marketing Leaves a Large Gap

While traditional forms of paper marketing might still reach an audience somewhere, it might not be what most modern businesses need most to reach their specific audience anymore. If you market exclusively through older forms of marketing, you’re leaving a gap of millions that have no idea your product exists just because they’ll never see the ad.

Digital Marketing? Viral Growth

The use of clever, quirky or otherwise attention-grabbing advertising is the new way to do it. Companies and businesses who do it right are rewarded with traffic – and sometimes this turns into viral traffic that can make sure your brand, name or business spreads like wildfire in the digital space.

Digital Marketing is the Ideal Advertising Budget

There’s a viable digital marketing option out there to suit every single budget, from a few hundred dollars through to zero: Why spend thousands on ineffective advertising methods when digital marketing allows for advertising at a reduced budget with a larger amount of reach?