Is your website or business using a social marketing strategy? If not, you’re missing out on a tremendous source of revenue. Social media platforms are the new era of social communications, and with more users turning to mobile devices for their internet fix, the world of social media continues to grow.

The World is Going Mobile

More than 50% of all consumers make their online purchases using mobile devices. Many people don’t own a computer or a laptop, but they have a smartphone. As a result of mobile tech flooding society, social media is starting to turn exponential in its reach.

Companies and brands need to capitalize on the social media revolution, and every month you stay on the sidelines is putting your further behind your competition.

Your Clients are on Social Media

With over 2-billion active users on Facebook and more than 1.3-billion users on Instagram, you know that your clients are all on social media.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow marketers to launch targeted ad campaigns directly into prospects newsfeeds. The campaign manager function lets you laser-target your preferred prospects, bringing you more bang for your buck when it comes to spending your marketing budget.

Brand Awareness

Social media can help you build brand awareness in your target audience. By promoting your brand or products through the world’s most actively used social platforms, you can drive more prospects to your business and increase brand awareness in your niche.

Engagement with Your Target Audience

Social media platforms allow you to engage with your customers on a social level. By monitoring your comments, likes, and shares, you can see what content your prospects want to see. This strategy allows you to produce content that has the best chance of going viral, boosting your brand awareness on the platforms.

Work with Professionals

At the Ceemi Agency, we offer you a full-service digital marketing agency, with a team that’s ready to take your online or brick-and-mortar business to new heights of success. Contact us today, and we’ll show you how to make your brand or website shine is a busy social marketplace.