It’s been over 25-years since Justin Hall, a Swarthmore College student, penned the first-ever blog post in 1994.

The technology has come a long way in the last two and a half decades, and it continues to be a popular content strategy for internet marketers all around the globe.

If you’re wondering if you should start a blog for your website – then it’s a call you should answer. Let’s look at the impact of blogging for business and how it can make your digital strategy thrive in the coming decade.

Boost Your Online Reputation

When you start a blog, you’re taking your space in the digital world. Your aim with your blog is to turn your brand, personality, or company into a global authority on the topics surrounding your business interests.

For instance, if you’re the owner of a hedge fund, a blog can help you take the global stage, offering your opinions on finance to a worldwide audience. If your content is top-quality, then you’ll develop a readership that leads to you becoming an authority in your niche.

Attract More Prospects

Consumers like to buy from reputable companies they can trust. Blogging about your company, its offerings, and the dynamics of your market shows people you know what you’re talking about in your industry.

With more credibility behind your brand or company, you can expect to attract a steady stream of new prospects to your value offering.

Build Your Brand and Authority

Blogging allows you to share your knowledge and expertise online. By building a blog that contains content that your audience values, you boost your brand recognition with your target audience.

Work with Professional Bloggers

At the Ceemi Agency, we have an experienced team of professional digital marketers that understand the blogging space. Let us take control of your content strategy, and develop you a blog that attracts more business to your website. Contact us, and we’ll boost your blog into the stratosphere!