Backlinking is one of the core fundamental strategies involved in internet marketing. A backlink acts as a “confidence vote” from another reputable site, allowing your business to benefit from the reputation of the website hosting the backlink.

When you link specific content to multiple websites using backlinks, the search engines take your webpage seriously. As a result, the bots think your content is worth circulating, and it has a better chance of moving up on SERP.

Your backlinking strategy is an essential part of your digital marketing plan and a vital tool in boosting your visibility online.

What Are the Different Types of Back Links?

Backlinking is an off-site SEO strategy that brings your website real-world results. However, some backlinks are more valuable than others. The search engines view backlinks from authority sites as the best, making them very desirable for internet marketers.

Backlinking to spammy sites will damage your reputation and ruin your digital marketing strategy.

Launching a follow link that instructs the search engines to pass link equity is essential. However, you can also get some benefit from using no-follow links in your strategy as well. These links don’t pull the prospect through to your site, but rather remain on the site to boost your site’s reputation.

Work with a Professional Digital Team for Your Back Linking Strategy

A backlinking strategy is complex and takes a significant amount of time to roll out. Newbies to internet marketing may find it challenging to identify the right candidate websites to place their links.

You need to work with a team that has plenty of experience in managing backlinking campaigns, delivering you the results you need to grow your business online.

At the Ceemi Agency, we have a team of professional digital marketers ready to take your SEO strategy, and your business, to the next level. Contact us for a consultation today.