More and more companies are riding the wave of virtual meetings where their employees are at home instead of the office. How do you professionally cover up the unmade bed in just a few seconds? Download virtual backgrounds from any of these sites:

You don’t need to move to San Francisco to get these hip office backgrounds.

Customizable backgrounds from Canva – images and videos.

Maybe you’d rather have videos for your next conference call.

Travel the world for free with these backgrounds at Unsplash.

Good Housekeeping has gathered these SFW (safe for work) images.

You may be thinking, “Now that I’ve downloaded a few free backgrounds, how do I get a background on my Zoom chat?”

Open your account, click on the upward arrow to the right of “Start Video” or “Stop Video”.

Click “Choose Virtual Background” from the popup menu.

Click the “+” button to the lower right of your video screen.

Browse your computer for your saved images. Add them, and now your album of backgrounds is ready to shine. Pick one that suits the boardroom or happy hour or family laughs.

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