Business owners are always asking how to get on the first page of online searches. Obviously, they want to be found ahead of their competitors. Ideally, the first page is the place you want to be to have a much better chance of being found by new customers.

Being ranked high on the pages of search results is called good search engine optimization or SEO. One of the key ingredients to achieving good SEO is having an effective title tag.

How does a title tag impact where my business ranks in a search?

For this discussion, we will focus on Google as it is the top search engine worldwide. Google wants to remain in that coveted seat so it tries to deliver results that its users want. That being said, you can creep up the ladder on Google results by making it easy for the little “bots” to know exactly what your website is about.

When a person types in Digital Marketing Carson, this is one of the results Google provides:

Those purple words make up the title tag that the person searching sees. Ideally, the best title tags are concise and use words that people would type in the search bar.

Google reads the title tag to see (like the title of a book) what the website is most likely about. Having experienced website designers to update your business site is crucial to make it simple for Google to find you on the first page of Google.

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