More and more companies are soliciting guest bloggers to add new viewpoints and voices to their blog offerings.

How can your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefit from having “experts” submit guest blogs on your website?

  • Fresh perspectives – You know your business inside and out. You speak the industry jargon and might think that other people know those same terms. You are so immersed in your industry, that it probably appears that EVERYONE sees how important your business’s contributions are. A guest blogger brings in a different vantage point of your business with a new set of eyes.
  • Backlinking – Google (top search engine worldwide) gives preferential treatment to websites that have hundreds of backlinks. A great way to increase the number of backlinks on your site is to connect with people in your industry who do not directly compete with you. Ask if they can write a blog for your site (where you give them credit and link to their site) and if you can write a blog for them (where they give you credit and link to your site). Lots of “back scratching” going on in backlinking.
  • Shared Social Media Posts – Social media marketing utilizes cross-marketing to promote one another. Imagine that you are a caterer and you write a blog for an event planning company in your county. Will you present your business in the best light? Of course! Will you share the event planner’s site on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to showcase your writing and relationship with that company? You betcha. So will your guest bloggers when they write for your site. They appreciate the trust you have for them and vote of confidence you are showing the world. Naturally they will help promote your site for you, exposing you to people who you may not know.
  • Stronger Relationships – When you are talking with experts that you want to write for your website blog, you are building and strengthening relationships in your community. You will ask questions to clarify what those experts do and you may even refer them to your friends and clients.

Reach out to Ceemi Agency for more guest blogger ideas and how to integrate their content on your website.