Google’s search results page (SERP – search engine results page) has evolved a lot in the past few years. With the addition of ads, maps, and enriched results, Google is making strides to add as much value to customers as possible.

A good example is movie title searches. If you search for a movie title, there will be either a carousel or side panel that shows ways to watch the movie online, if it will be airing on TV soon, information about cast, crew, and release date, as well as reviews from critics and audiences. The actual results can include sections like “Videos,” “Top Stories,” and “People also search for” that organize your results.

How does this affect businesses? Now that there are so many ways to display information on Google, your business’s online presence matters more. If you have poor SEO or not enough relevant information for your customers, you will no longer be able to compete with other local businesses who are making more efforts in this area.

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