As website builders, we know that the most important page on your non-ecommerce website is the contact form. The rest of your website may be full of great information about your services that will help convince people to work with you, but without a contact page, you’ll never hear from them.

A contact page with your business’s location, phone number, and email address is all vital, but a good form is crucial to generating leads for your business that will turn into revenue.

What makes a good form?

  1. Complete – A contact form should require a name, and a way of reaching the potential client. Without these two basic elements this form is no longer about gathering leads, but just a survey or questionnaire that serves no purpose.
  2. Concise – Every required field in your form is more work for your potential customer. Make sure your form asks for enough information to be useful to you but doesn’t look so intimidating that a visitor will leave as soon as they see it. (Tip: Combining fields is a simple way to solve this, like using “Full Name” instead of “First Name” and “Last Name” as separate fields.)
  3. Clear – If a field is required, use an asterisk to alert your visitors. There’s nothing worse than filling out only part of a form, submitting it, and then being told some fields are required after the fact. Most people will abandon that form right then.

You don’t have to build your forms alone! Ceemi Agency is a trusted website builder for clients through the United States, and we can ensure that your website, including the contact page, will be a lead generating machine for your business. Get in touch with the best marketing team for your business and your budget.