For many businesses, social media marketing is mysterious and complicated. They don’t know how to effectively use the platforms they have decided to join, so they never see results from the minimal efforts they put in. A business social media account is not the same as a personal social media account, and it’s important to know the distinction. Here are some do’s and don’ts that will help your social media marketing turn from a flop to a success.

Do – Post relevant content about your business’s services and products.

Don’t – Post about what you ate for lunch that day or how you feel about the new Chris Hemsworth movie.

Do – Engage with your followers in a professional way, as if it’s a customer service call.

Don’t – Comment on friend’s or strangers’ posts with teasing insults or offensive language.

Do – Post regularly, even if it’s not often. It’s good to remind people that your account is still active and so is your business.

Don’t – “Take a break” from social media. It’s fine to do this personally, but leaving your business account inactive for too long gives the impression that you’re permanently closed.

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