Email marketing is the most profitable marketing channel for return on investment since the people who get your emails had to sign up for it. This means they are already interested in reading your weekly newsletter or getting company updates once in a while. Releasing a weekly email newsletter is pointless, however, if your email list is too small. Getting more subscribers will increase your email marketing reach and give you a boost in sales.

Here’s how to increase your email list, fast.

  • Subscribe (in the Right Place)

Have an obvious “subscribe” button on your site. If you don’t, how else are people going to sign up for your email list?

  • Free Stuff

Launch an e-book covering your niche, and ask users enter their email address to receive a copy. It’s one of the best ways to grow a list in a hurry; plus, your audience will feel like they’re getting something valuable in return.

  • Calls-to-Action

Always invite readers to subscribe to your email list in your posts. Calls-to-action are a huge help to grow your list.

  • Outside Advertising

Advertise your mailing list through links and banners on other websites, too. It’s a useful promotional boost that brings visitors to your website as well as growing your email subscriber list.

  • Good Content

It’s not all about content that gets picked up by search engines. Excellent content is meant to make human readers click subscribe – and you’ll get more subscribers to your email list by making sure that people have a reason to expect good content from your brand, both on your website and in emails.

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