Like every other business in the world, Ceemi Agency has been impacted this year by the COVID-19 pandemic. While we have been working hard to bring quality websites to our many new clients and manage the marketing campaigns of all our not-so-new clients, we have still had to take some precautionary measures to keep our employees safe.

Some of the new rules include:

  • Limited In-Person Contact

Our employees have been working from home as much as possible, but some of our more crucial team members have been coming into the office. While in the office, though, we limit our personal contact, even having zoom meetings with coworkers in the next room over for longer discussions.

  • Face Masks

Our team is separated into different rooms in our office, but once in a while we need to have a quick chat with a coworker. If that’s the case, we’ll always wear a mask as soon as we leave our individual office spaces.

  • Testing

We’re highly cautious, so if anyone knows someone who was sick, or feels any symptoms at all, we send them home for two weeks and make sure that they get tested as soon as possible before allowing them to return.

Our team’s safety is our top priority, but we also want to keep providing quality digital marketing services for other local businesses who now rely on their online marketing to drive business and sales. For that reason, we are always available for our clients when they call!

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency who can relate to your struggles during the pandemic and still wants to provide the best services so your business can continue to thrive, then contact Ceemi Agency today for more information on how to get started with one of our digital marketing packages!