Founded in 2018, MyJane is a CBD-infused product curating company located in Southern California that is on a mission to support women’s empowerment and wellness. Created by women for women, MyJane is enabling a dynamic community of women to change the dialogue about plant-based wellness, offering a marketplace to experience safe hemp products, providing a platform for pursuing economic wellbeing, and supporting women in needs.

In June 2020, MyJane and Ceemi Agency teamed up to promote their business using organic SEO techniques and off-site marketing strategies. With one goal in mind: to increase company growth and expansion, our team at Ceemi uses regular keyword improvement tactics to improve MyJane’s website organic SEO traffic, month-over-month. 

MyJane sells CBD products for women that have been rigorously tested by third-party labs and hand-selected by their team, ranging from CBD lip balm to hemp face masks. This woman-led company is both powerful and compassionate, donating a percentage of their profits to International Sanctuary to help fight against human trafficking.

Women's Empowerment, MyJane

They are also promoting women in business through their Micro-Affiliate Program, which lets individuals sell MyJane products as an affiliate, earning up to 30% commission on all their sales.

The MyJane team loved working with us so much that they are currently in the process of taking their partnership with Ceemi to the next level!

We’ve been working diligently to redesign their website, focusing on the Customer Value Journey. The new website will debut in the coming month or so with plans to be fully optimized for the most recent, and constantly updating, SEO best practices.

Ceemi Agency is proud to be working with such a great company, amazing products, and a respectable mission — women’s empowerment and wellness.

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