If you are thinking of hiring a digital marketing agency, you may have noticed that some agencies have badges on their website listing all the certifications or awards they have earned. This can be very impressive, but which certifications does your marketing agency really need to have in order for you to trust them with your business’s digital marketing?

In reality, it depends on what kind of marketing you want your agency to do for you. If you want to do a lot of work with Google, your agency should be a Google Partner (like Ceemi). If you are more interested in social media, look for social media related certifications or awards. (Ceemi was recently chosen as a top social media marketing agency in our area.) In short, look for an agency that is certified in the area that matters most to you.

For a full service digital marketing agency like Ceemi, our certifications cover a lot of ground. We have been awarded for our mobile marketing, social media marketing, and for our customer service in general. Our team of experts has all the necessary certifications from Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more!

To get a first-hand taste of our award-winning, certified services, contact Ceemi Agency today.