Are you starting an online marketing campaign? Digital marketing is continually evolving, and by staying on the cutting edge of what’s going on throughout all of the digital platforms, you’ll earn countless competitive advantages.

Since most small businesses lack the funding to create massive digital marketing campaigns, it’s important to start things off right when attempting to establish your brand online. Although it’s not impossible, using these digital marketing trends can help you extend your business’ online footprint.

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Hire an Industry Influencer

Influencer marketing is becoming one of the hottest new trends in the digital marketing realm. Influencers come in different levels, with diverse audience reach and price points for the various marketing campaigns out there in the internet space.

You can use an influencer who already has a following in your market space, but it might not be cost effective depending on their audiences size and scope. Keep this in mind, although a small business might not be able to afford an industry influencer in the beginning, it’s important to remember that they can still add valve leveraging the products and services in your inventory.

Giving an influencer free products or services is the same thing as paying them.

Focus on using micro-influencers

If you have a local business, then look for influencers in your niche in your local area. A micro-influencer is an account with less than 25,000 followers. These accounts typically have higher engagement rates than the larger accounts. As a result, you’ll typically get more user feedback from the influencer, and more value for our marketing budget.

If you’re not already advertising on social media, then it’s time to get started.

Launching a campaign on the platform is so easy. The various social media platforms provide the ideal, user-friendly marketing experience through the ad manager. Laser-target your marketing campaigns to your ideal customer demographics, and build custom audiences to target in multiple campaigns.

By making use of these two simple rising trends in digital marketing, you can take your company to the next levels of sales and success. If you want to use influencers, but not manage your campaigns, let Ceemi Agency do influencer management for you.