For the majority of all businesses out there, lead generation or “led gen” is probably the most crucial aspect of keeping your business’ doors open. Especially during this pandemic, setting up lead gen to invite prospects to your website or storefront is needed now more than ever.

Luckily, we’re going to cover how small businesses are making their quarterly numbers through lead generation.

It can be easier than you think!

Market Your Small Business With Brand Videos

How To Setup Your Website For Proper Lead Generation

The idea of having flashy imagery on your website is a common practice that nearly every brand uses for its online lead generation strategy. However, does the imagery alone convince prospects to buy the goods or services that the business is selling? That can be somewhat subjective.

Once a prospect lands on a website’s homepage there are a few things that should pop out within the first few seconds known as the “blink test.” A website should convey a clear message of what services or products they sell before the prospect has a chance to blink.

Get it?

Now, what does a proper landing page look like? With so many choices and styles to choose from, here are the basic elements for a proper lead generation setup.

  • Direct imagery
  • Clear & Concise Text
  • A Call-to-Action or CTA that pops!

Setting Up Your Websites Contact Form

Once the prospect clicks the “Get Started or “Learn More” CTA on your webpage, the redirect should take them to a contact page where they can learn more information about your business’ services or products. It’s a good place to offer your prospects a one-time offer that they can’t resist.

Stating something that this service is free or at a reduced rate is often a winner. Lead generation increases when the prospect feels like they’re going to get a great deal. The offer you suggest should be fruitful to your potential client, but somewhat inexpensive to the business owner.

The contact form should remain as basic as possible. However, some industries need a more detailed submission form to get more qualified leads. In the future, you’ll near to A/B test the forms to see what formula works best.

What To Do After You Get A Good Lead Via Your Website?


When prospects surf the internet to search for businesses, most of the time, they’ll submit several forms to see what company will strike the first. Prospect love attention, for the most part. Once that lead comes in, it’s important to reach out to a lead as soon as possible. The longer you give a warm lead time to cool, the sooner you’ll lose out to another company.

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