Word of mouth is known as one of the most powerful marketing forces of all time. These days, the majority of talking happens through the various social media platforms – and that’s why digital marketing is one of the most important aspects for creating success for your brand or business. A few times a year, Google will release a new algorithm that will determine how much traffic you’re website will earn.

We say “earn” because organic traffic is the hardest type to rank for… or so we thought.

Sure you can throw hundreds and thousands of dollars toward a Google Ad campaign if you’d like to sell your products or services that way… that’s cool. It’s a solid way to earn traffic.

However, organic traffic is basically free if you understand SEO best practices are in 2021.

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The Power of Social Media

Pretty obvious, right?

Social media allows you to connect with people, and it can introduce your products to a whole new fan base – through ads, comments, likes, and tags. Many new business owners tend to type out what products or services they’re offering, instead of showing visual representations.

More and more business are being overlooked as the majority of the population wants scroll stopping imagery with clever captions. The more relevant content you add throughout your social media platforms, the more that the share button gets clicked by your users.

That results in expanding your digital reach and generating a larger audience.

How to Quickly Audit Your Website

We could spend hours talking about all the flaws that Ceemi Agency spots through the various clients we’ve onboarded. The most common mistakes we find our the following”

  • Poorly formatted or missing title tags and meta-descriptions.
  • Missing structured data code snippets on the website’s home and product pages.
  • Lacking the right focused keywords and localized SEO formatting.
  • Not splitting up your services pages on your website.
  • Failing to compress images to improve load time.

Ultimately, the idea behind improving your digital marketing in 2021 is to constantly improve older blog posts with updated content and to add robust articles to give the best user experience possible.