So, you need to promote your business’ products or services online, and everyone’s telling you that Google AdWords is the best route to spend your marketing budget. But is this form of online advertising worth the money?

Short answer: Yes.

In fact, the clients Ceemi Agency represents see a 2:1 return on their investment. This means, for every dollar you spend on Google Ads, you can expect a two-dollar return. For most of our clients, we tracking a 2.5:1 ratio. These are solid returns if you understand how Google Ads work.

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How Does Google AdWords Work
Grow your online business with Google Ads,

How Does Google AdWords Work?

When you set up your Google AdWords account and start a campaign, you pay per click. Every time someone clicks on your ad using focused keywords you bid on, Google charges you a set fee depending on the ranking of the keyword you use in your ad.

If the prospect clicks your ad and then buys your product on your website, they complete a transaction, and those figures go toward your conversion metrics.

If your ad isn’t converting, then you’re wasting your marketing budget. However, when your ad works, and you start seeing an increase in conversions on your site, it’s a sign that your AdWords campaign is pay off.

Marketing is all about ROI.

If you’re spending more on your marketing than you’re making in sales, then you’re doing something wrong with your campaign, and your ROI will be less than desirable. A weekly audit of your Google Ads campaigns is a must. Google likes to add in keywords that you didn’t choose when setting up the campaign.

In this event, you’ll want to remove those unwanted keywords and mark them as negative keywords. That way Google won’t display them in your ad, and most importantly, you won’t be charged.

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Does Google AdWords Work?

The reality is that hundreds of thousands of internet marketers use Google AdWords to make their online business a success story. However, you need to be careful about the complexities around your campaign, and the keywords you choose to promote. Not every keyword is a highly-converting one.

There is far more competition for the same keywords than there was a few years ago, and this trend will only continue to rise.

How to work with a Professional AdWords Team

It’s quite simple. When choosing a profession adwords team, have several questions ready to ask them. If they don’t answer them directly and add in a lot of fluff, they may not understand Google Ads as well as they should.

Here’s a few questions to ask:

  • What’s the highest amount of money you manage on Google Adwords?
  • What’s your average click-through rate for my industry?
  • How many members on your Adwords team are certified?
  • How often will you audit my AdWords campaign?

Shop around with at least 3 SEO and digital marketing companies and choose the one that aligns best with your company’s goals.

At the Ceemi Agency, we specialize in creating Google AdWords campaigns that deliver real results for your business. Contact us today. We’ll show you how we can help you drive your business into the digital age, with the help of Google AdWords.

We manage every aspect of your campaign. Our professional team of digital marketers has the experience and knowledge you need to make your AdWords campaign a success.