The Importance of a Digital Marketing Presence


In order to stay relevant, it is essential for your business to be online. Whether it’s having just a simple website, Google ads, social media, SEO, or everything combined, having a digital marketing presence allows your business to stay relevant in the minds of both your current/loyal customers as well as potential customers who wouldn’t have known about your business without your digital marketing efforts! To stay relevant when utilizing these methods of digital marketing, there are various tactics the business owner should be aware of in order to get the highest rate on return that they can.

When creating a website, the website should be user-friendly, simple and easy to read, and straight to the point with a clear “call to action” (CTA). This will make it easier for your customers to see what you offer, why they should choose you, and the next steps they can take to reach you.

When investing in Google ads, the ads should promote a specific product or service that the business makes or serves very well. The ads should also target the demographic that usually enjoys the product or service the most from past observations and/or analytics.

Social media is great to have, but is best for legitimizing your brand and creating awareness in the minds of your customers. It is a great way to maintain a closer relationship with your customers where you can interact with them on a day-to-day basis.

SEO (search engine optimization) is great for almost any business because it makes it possible for businesses to rank well on Google and other search engines. When searching online for a business, almost everyone types in a keyword(s) to describe what they’re looking for. When this happens, you’ll want your business to pop up first (or near the top), right? We thought so. In order for this to happen, a healthy investment into SEO will require the business to have a well-ranked site that performs well and loads quickly, contains relevant content, and includes links to other reputable sites with high domain authority. There is much more that goes into SEO, but these are the basics.

If it’s possible for the business to invest in all of these digital marketing tactics, that is even better! The more it is possible for your business to be seen online, the more you’ll be found, and the more business will come.


It’s simple, every business wants to maintain its legitimacy in the minds of its customers. In order to accomplish this, it’s best for the business to maintain an updated website as well as a Google My Business account that provides customers searching online with the most updated information on your hours and phone number so that they can reach you.


When it comes to “findability,” this simply means, how easy is it for your business to be found online? Is your website old and outdated hiding in the back corner of Google? We hope not! The most important thing to remember when a business wants to be found is that the better its SEO, the more it will be found (online).


Assuming a business already has a website and/or some kind of online presence, it is important for the website to be accessible and secure. Sometimes when you search a site, an error message will pop up or you’ll notice that the site isn’t secure. This is a red flag to anyone searching your site or looking to use your products or services. Not only will this make the accessibility of your business decrease, but it will harm the business’s legitimacy as well. When creating any kind of digital marketing presence for your current and potential customers to find you online, be sure that it is all easily accessible!


Lastly, personalization is key! People love to know that the business they’re thinking of buying from is local and a real part of the community they’re familiar with. A business can take advantage of this fact in various ways.

  • The business can promote being local on the first page of their site and above the fold so that it will be the first thing their customers see when they’re led to the landing page
  • The business can respond to reviews on their Google My Business account to make their customers feel heard and appreciated
  • The business can create posts on social media platforms that appeal to the specific demographic that does business with them the most so that they know they’re seen and valued

These are just three examples of measures that a business can take to personalize its digital marketing efforts to its customers. The reason personalization becomes so important in the digital marketing world is because, as a consumer, digital marketing can seem like something that a business invests in simply to rake in as much money as they can without any morality or care for who or where it comes from. This is simply not the case. Due to this fact, it is important for business owners and digital marketers alike to make engaging with their customers a priority. When this is done, it allows for exceptional customer service, much higher customer retention and loyalty, and in turn, increased sales as well.

When done right, digital marketing should be a win-win for both the business investing in it, and the consumer investing in the business. Furthermore, for the business utilizing digital marketing, it is most important to remember that digital marketing is an investment, but should be seen as an asset rather than a liability. The business gains that come from the time spent marketing a business online should be made up and then some when that business is then able to be found more online and bring in more business (that business being the exact targeted demographics that are the most loyal for said industry).

Therefore, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty with some digital marketing!

Written by Seaira Galgerud