As a small or medium-sized business, you may have a lot of digital marketing goals, which is great to have, but not a lot of time to accomplish all of them. This is a common problem that many business owners and digital marketers face. However, even though digital marketing can be very time-consuming, it is still essential for every business to have. Therefore, our specialists at Ceemi Agency have been able to step in and assist hundreds of businesses who need digital marketing but either do not have the time or the expertise to get it done. That’s why we’re here!

We look at it this way: you’re best at providing the products and services that your business sells, and we’re best at providing digital marketing services. Why not work together as a team to use the best practices of promoting the best products/services (“the best of both worlds”) to allow your business to grow to its fullest potential? Successful digital marketing requires a full grasp of marketing product knowledge, expertise, and technology. Let us do that work for you…. what could take you weeks to get done would take us just hours to complete.

Whether it’s been COVID-19 that has been slowing down your business, not knowing how to track and/or produce the results you’re looking for, or you’re just looking to change up your current marketing strategy and you don’t know where to start, outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency like ours is a great idea. Not only will it save you time, but it will bring you more money as well. Think of it as an asset, not a liability.

Having some form of digital presence for your business is the key to not just getting found online in today’s day and age, but it’s crucial to your business’s legitimacy as well. Hiring the experts will allow you to reach your target audience much easier because marketing best practices will be used throughout all of your campaigns. When a small business attempts this feat themselves, not only do they run the risk of setting up campaigns incorrectly or in a way that is not fully effective, but they also end up taking time away from the time they could be spending on running their business most efficiently. Furthermore, hiring an outside digital marketing agency is significantly more affordable than paying full-time employees to do the work in-house. Therefore, your return on investment (ROI) will be highest if you decide to outsource. Having a fresh set of eyes to look at your business and market it with all the most current digital marketing trends could make all the difference when reaching your business objectives.

So, what should you be asking yourself when deciding on outsourcing your business’s digital marketing needs to an agency? We’ve compiled a list for you.

  • Do they offer the services you’re looking for?
  • What do they specialize in?
  • What accreditations do they have?
  • Do they have an updated online presence that you can do research on?
  • What is their unique selling point (USP)?
  • Do they have any experience working with clients in your industry?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What specific results can they get you?
  • How do they track results? Will they keep you in the loop?
  • Do they implement the latest marketing trends into their campaigns?
  • Does their average pricing align with the budget you’ve allocated towards digital marketing?
  • Do they require contracts?
  • Do they keep their word? (you can read client reviews to get an idea of this)
  • Are they local?
  • Are they friendly and communicative?

Now that we’ve got that list covered, we’ll be answering each of these questions for you in regard to Ceemi Agency

  • We offer custom websites or optimization of your current website, search engine optimization (SEO), ROI tracking, social media management, graphic design, Google My Business management & blogging, and Google ads
  • We specialize in search engine optimization (SEO)
  • We are a Google partner, a Dan member, we’re certified with Hootsuite, we’re rated Best Business of 2021 by ThreeBest Rated, we’re rated Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Torrance in 2021 by, and we’re featured on UpCity
  • We encourage our clients and potential clients to look us up online at
  • We are real local people who care and specialize in assisting small to medium-sized businesses to bring in more business and ultimately make them more money through digital marketing services that don’t break the bank
  • We work with clients in many different industries because we believe digital marketing is a formula, so when applying best practices to your business’s campaigns, we’ll be sure to produce the results you’re looking for
  • We have been satisfying our customers since 2019
  • We guarantee your site will be on the first page of local Google search results for one of your keywords within 6 months of working with us or else your monthly billing will stop until we get you there
  • We offer reporting software to track the results of your campaigns which we share with our clients
  • We use state of the art digital marketing practices to keep your digital marketing as relevant as possible
  • We pride ourselves on offering wallet-friendly packages and a la carte pricing for our marketing services
  • All of our services are on a month-to-month basis
  • Feel free to read our client reviews on our site and on Google to get an idea of how we stick to our word
  • We are your Long Beach neighbor! Come visit us anytime.
  • Our friendly staff is happy to help and answer any and all of your questions.

Choosing a digital marketing agency to outsource your business’s marketing efforts to can seem daunting, considering the amount of choices you’ll have to pick from and the information to gather before making a decision that is best for you. However, we at Ceemi Agency would love to make the process easier for you. We offer free Zoom consultations so that we can discuss your digital marketing goals and determine whether it’s the right fit to work together.

Give us a call today!

Written by Seaira Galgerud