Small businesses and independent owners can both benefit from the use of digital marketing. It can change the way you market to potential clients, and it could be what cements your business as a reliable brand this year. If you aren’t marketing digitally, you’re marketing wrong!

Here are the top digital marketing trends for small businesses and independent owners in 2020.

Better Analytics

The use of better analytics systems means that you have a clearer idea of who your website visitors are, and more details about them than ever – without this information being invasive or compromising to who visits your site.

Updated analytics for sites and blogs means that you’ll get to see essential details about users, including which pages were looked at, how long users stayed and what search terms might have led people to click on your site.

Hashtag Use

The hashtag has become a universal reference that works across several social media platforms at once. Companies can benefit from the creation of unique promotional hashtags that spread their brand further and faster – and the analysis of what hashtags are hot for the hour or day can give any brand a better idea of what the digital space might look like today.

An App for That

Many companies, brands and business ventures have pulled benefits from creating an app that offers users something extra. It can be coupons or it can be an interactive brand experience: Apps are one of the most powerful possible tools for digital marketing when it comes to small businesses and independent owners who want recognition in a larger space.