Welcome to the world of digital marketing, websites and online advertising. If you’re new, the term landing page is one of the first buzzwords you’ll get to hear.

So, what is a landing page – and how is it different to a regular homepage, contact page or about page for your website? What’s the point of having a landing page – and do you need one for your business?

Here’s what you should know about landing pages – and when to call in professional help.

What is a Landing Page?

A “landing page” is the first page your website visitors will see when they click on your advertisement.

In many cases, it will show up to your visitors before they reach your homepage, which usually contains company information that doesn’t change, and the main menu of your website.

In digital marketing, a landing page will directly relate to the ad that your visitor clicked on. If your ad is about an online special, your landing page should include information about the special, a way to print the coupon or a way to contact your business to redeem this special.

Why Use a Landing Page?

Landing pages allow your marketing campaigns to be more focused. A regular website link is not as targeted as a landing page that specifically operates as a sales tool that elaborates on the ad you spent so much time creating.

Otherwise, your ads will be totally unrelated to the page your visitor will arrive on after clicking through, and they may be more likely to “bounce” or leave your website without taking any action, thinking that they clicked the wrong link by mistake.

Do I Need a Landing Page?

If you have the time and energy to craft specific campaigns for your digital marketing that lead to targeted customer journeys (which is always a good thing) then yes, make a landing page! If you don’t have the time, then you should hire a digital marketing agency like Ceemi Agency to create them for you. Every business can benefit from a targeted digital marketing strategy, which includes landing pages.